How to use

How to install

To use any beyondskins theme you will need a Plone site with enabled. If you use Plone 4.3 or higher you already have Just check if Diazo is enabled. If not, just install.

  1. Download the theme zip file;
  2. Login as administrator in your Plone site;
  3. Go to Site Setup / Theming;
  4. Click in upload zip file;
  5. Select the file, mark the option "Immediately enable new theme" and click "Import'.

For now, the new theme will be active in your site.


How to customize your theme

Using LESS

Some beyondskins themes are made using LESS CSS, so you need to edit few lines to change the theme. To do that just unzip the file or download the files from theme repository.

The basic process:

  1. Edit style.less file and change only the first part of the file;
  2. Compile the file (will generate style.css file);
  3. Zip the files and upload to your server (check how to install).

If you are new to Less, please read first LESS documentation first. But all you will need is a way to compile the file. You can also use a visual tool to compile the files like:


Using theme inspector

You can edit the theme files to change imagens, colors, HTML and rules in your server, after installing the theme.

  1. Go to Site Setup / Theming;
  2. On your theme box, click "modify theme"
  3. Chose the file, edit and save.

Edit your less file will have no effect using theme inspector. In this case you will need to edit style.css.

To know how to edit the rules and know more about Diazo, please check Diazo documentation.